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30%, 40%, 50% Peel & Facial 60min R500 Acne Attack Peel & Heal 60min R450
70% Peel & Facial 60min R580 Moisture Splash Anti-Aging 60min R450
90% Spot Treatment R200 Purifying Skin Treatment 60min R450
90% Full Face Treatment 45min R750 Express Facial 30min R330
Purifying Back Treatment 60min R600
Add On
High Frequency or Galvanic 15min R110
Essential Age-Prevent Treatment 60min R480 Essential Purity Treatment 60min R480
Essential Hydrating Treatment 60min R480 Express Facial 60min R480
Pigmentation/Acne Correcting Peels
Age Corrective Peel
Beta Peel Only 30min R485 Alpha Peel 20/30 Only 30min R485
Beta Peel Facial 60min R605 Alpha Peel 20/30 Facial 60min R605
3 Layer Peel 45min R935
Age Preventative Peel
TCA Peels
Lacti-Firm Peel Only 30min R485 Full Face 45min R935
Lacti-Firm Facial 60min R605 Spot Treatment R600
Retistore Peel R850
Dermaroller Micro Needling
First Treatment (Includes Dermaroller) R1500
Thereafter R600

Swedish Massage Spray Tan
Full Body 90min R670 Vita Liberata R330
Full Body 60min R520
Back, Neck and Scalp 45min R440
Back, Neck and Shoulders 30min R330
Hot Stone Massage 90min R600
Hot Stone Back Massage 45min R400
Body Exfoliation 30min R270
RegimA Regeneration Body Peel 60min R520

New Sets Gelish
Natural or French Tips with Bio-Sculpture Gel R395 Gelish without Manicure or Pedicure R290
Gelish with Express Manicure or Pedicure R440
Gelish Additional French Paint R40
 Pedicures Manicures
Express Pedicure R150 Express Manicure R150
Express Pedicure with French Paint R180 Express Manicure with French Paint R180
Balsan Pedicure R425 Full Service Manicure R220
Paraffin Pedicure R540 Full Service Manicure with French Paint R250
Full Service Pedicure R290 Paraffin Manicure R345
Full Service Pedicure with French Paint R330
Overlays Extras
Bio-Sculpture Gel R350 Nail Repair with Tip R55
Nail Repair with Gel R45
Soak Off and Express Manicure R260
Soak Off and File R120
Vitagel Recovery R35
Paraffin Dip R125
Nail Art per Nail R35
IBX Nail Treatment R80
Aesthetic Treatments:
Hands Feet
RegimA Peel R320 RegimA Peel R320
RegimA Peel (including arms) R450 RegimA Peel (including half leg) R450

Brow or Lip or Chin R80 Back or Chest (Hot wax) R360
Underarm R120 Back or Chest (Strip wax) R230
Full Arm R170 Full Leg R260
Half Arm R140 Half Leg R170
Bikini R135 ¾ Leg R210
G-String R170 Nose R80
Full Bikini R270 Hands R90
Brazilian R230 Stomach R150
Feet R120
Threading Tinting
Brow or Lip or Chin R75 Eye Lash R120
Cheeks or Neck R95 Eye Brow R80
Epil Free:
1 Session 3 Sessions 6 Sessions
Ears R300 R765 R1450
Brow R275 R700 R1320
Lip R250 R640 R1200
Chin R250 R640 R1200
Sides R300 R765 R1450
Neck R450 R1150 R2160
1/2 Leg R800 R2050 R3850
3/4 Leg R950 R2450 R4550
Full Leg R1500 R3850 R7200
1/2 Arm R800 R2050 R3850
Back R900 R2300 R4350
Chest R850 R2175 R4050
Stomach R600 R1550 R2900
Underarm R475 R1215 R2250
Bikini R550 R1400 R2650
Extended R800 R2050 R3850
Hollywood R100 R2550 R4800

Full Set of Eyelash Extensions R590 3 Week Fill R415
1 Week Fill R150 4 Week Fill R550
2 Week Fill R280 Eyelash Extensions Removal R280
Lash Lift 45mins R420

Make-Up Application  45mins R605
Trial Make Up and Full Make Up Session  90mins R935

RegimA X-Treme Clean Treatment 60min R450 Pedicure 45min R250
Lamelle Essential Treatment 60min R480 Manicure 45min R220

Teen Manicure (18 & under) R160 Tween Manicure (12 & under) R80
Teen Pedicure (18 & under) R170 Tween Pedicure (12 & under) R100
RegimA Teen Facial 30min R280
Lamelle Teen Facial 30min R300